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5 Tips to Combat the Winter Blues

5 Tips to Combat the Winter Blues

Everyone is affected by seasonal affective disorder, it occurs as the seasons change, most frequently during the winter, due to lack of sunlight during the daytime. Everyone copes differently, one remedy might work for one person, but not another. Here are some remedies that you can try to help you combat the winter blues.

Keep Active

Exercising during the day can lift your spirits and improve your mood. When you can, exercise outdoors or in a room with large windows. Go for a walk (weather permitting) or join a gym to get active this winter to boost your mood and improve your overall health.

Get Outside

If the weather allows, try spending some time outside the natural light can boost your mood. If the weather is keeping you indoors try sitting near window whenever you can.  

Keep Warm

Being cold makes you more depressed. Staying warm can reduce the winter blues. Keep warm with hot drinks & hot food. If venturing outdoors dress according to the weather, be sure to bundle up with a scarf, hat and a pair of mitts.

Spend More Time with Love Ones

Interact with those who make you happy. Make an effort to keep in touch with people you care about and accept any invitations you get to social events. Meet with people face to face, chat over the phone or communicate over email or social media.

Take up a New Hobby

Keeping your mind active can combat symptoms of seasonal affective disorder. Try playing bridge, singing, knitting, joining a gym, keeping a journal ect. Give yourself something to concentrate on and to look forward to.

Beating the winter blues may seem difficult at first, but there are plenty of ways to boost your mood all season long. If the first remedy you try doesn’t work try another way to cope.

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