940 On The Park | A Christmas Apartment Creation
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A Christmas Apartment Creation

A Christmas Apartment Creation

When you think of apartment living you think of downsizing, yet at a time like Christmas, there are so many boxes of decorations. A guide to decorating any luxurious apartment for Christmas could simplify some ideas for your living space.

It isn’t about the size of the space you have, but how you embellish it and have it become festive and ready for family celebrations, as well as for your own enjoyment.

Not having the storage for boxes and boxes of Christmas décor is probably the biggest issue to resolve, therefore having some décor you can use throughout the year is suggested. This could be anything from candles, pillow coverings or artificial plants.

Missing out on your Christmas tree doesn’t have to happen. All you need to do is downscale its size, and have a replicate. If you already have a live evergreen, decorate it with your favourite ornaments, and place it in a planter to make it look more stylish. And if there’s no room on the ground or a table, create a DIY wall tree with sticks or garland.

Pinecones are a great decorating tool. You can incorporate them into any wreath or place a bunch in a clear vase. This is beneficial because they are incorporated in autumn crafts yearly.

A touch of candlelight even if it is an LED scattered around creates the right vibe. Christmas tree lights on your wall as well as surrounding yourself in gold, silver and white as a holiday element can bring your mind home for the holidays.

Sometimes less is more, so instead of decorating the entire apartment, focus on one part of a room.

“Within any four walls, you can add design features and celebratory elements that reflect your wintery visions and holiday traditions, while upping the character, and festive spirit of the surroundings in your apartment.” – Jane Lockhart


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