940 On The Park | Culture Days in London, September 29th & 30th
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Culture Days in London, September 29th & 30th

culture days logo

Culture Days in London, September 29th & 30th

culture days logoDundas Street in Downtown London will be a very exciting place to be September 29th and 30th! The London Arts Council is holding the 2017 Culture Days in collaboration with London Fringe Nuit Blanche Event.

This 8th year celebration will be happening from 5 PM – 11 PM on Friday September 29th and from 11 AM – 1 AM on Saturday September 30th.  Make an appearance for a fun day and or night out.

What Is It?

This is a free event in which thousands of Canadians attend. It’s a chance to view and participate in activities and performances in different cities, towns and communities within Canada. The inspirational artistry travels from Nunavut to New Brunswick, British Columbia and more. A chance to learn about Canadian culture is here.

What To Expect

The main street of London will be filled with liveliness and light up buildings. There will be music performers, professional dancers and a store front showcasing local art. Sculptures, photos, paintings and projection art will be featured. Everything you will experience will be never seen before, for all visitors.

Who To Expect

Ruth Douthwright has a prepared choreographed dance performance mixed with dance techniques from around the globe. A massive interactive mural will be created by London’s street art scene. Erik Mandawe, a multidisciplinary artist will be designing a collaborative installation. Poetic performances, a hip-hop dance crew and more will be there.

This is a perfect adventure for any tourists. The weather is expected to be sunny and partly cloudy throughout the day. A special thanks goes out to Museum London, The Arts Project and London Music Hall for all their support for this festival.  Questions? Just call 519-439-0013

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