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Fall into a Good Book

Fall into a Good Book

Strangers Assume My Girlfriend is My Nurse – Shane Burcaw

In this essay collection of living a full life in a degenerating body, Shane Burcaw takes us through everything he has to face on a daily basis. Using his characteristic acerbic humour, Shane weaves a tapestry of stories aimed not just to entertain, but to bring awareness to the extra challenges only someone with his unique situation can express. Receiving head pats instead of handshakes for one, or passers-by mistaking his girlfriend for his nurse. Expect to have your eyes opened, but also don’t feel too bad if you laugh a little too. 

Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel – Lee Child

A highly anticipated addition to Child’s extensive Jack Reacher novels, this newest story features Jack in a personal mission of aiding an elderly couple from loan sharks. By itself, it would be nothing Jack couldn’t handle, except it puts him squarely in between two rival gangs with no whims about stopping whoever gets in their way. Unluckily for them, Jack Reacher is always more than he seems, and though this thriller will pit him against some of his toughest adversaries yet, you can bet our man will find a way. 

The Last Widow : A Novel (Will Trent #9) – Karin Slaughter

The Will Trent series, if you haven’t already been introduced to them, feature among some of today’s greatest thrillers. Slaughter’s character of Will Trent is an investigator with lots to prove, and he often has the chance, getting drawn into all kinds of momentous events. This novel features Trent and his partner Sara Linton as they unravel a diabolical plan to wipe out thousands of innocent lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Going undercover into the heart of the enemy, Will will have to risk everything he loves, in order to save them. 

Beneath the Tamarind Tree : A Story of Courage, Family, and the Lost Schoolgirls of Boko Haram – Isha Sesay

You may remember hearing about it in the news. In 2014, Close to 300 female students at a school in Nigeria were kidnapped overnight. Responsibility was claimed by an extremist terrorist organization known as Boko Haram. This is the uplifting and incredible story of 3 of those girls and their journeys that took them to their place at that school, and their fight to make it back. Isha Sesay is a dedicated journalist who has covered stories in this part of the world for a decade, and her unprecedented access to many of the girls who have since been returned gives the reader a story like no other. This will certainly be one book to read this Fall. 

If you’ve been eagerly anticipating any of these novels, or have just discovered a desire to read them, then put a copy on hold now at your local library. The London Public Library has all of these titles on order or already in stock.

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