940 On The Park | Father’s Day 2018
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Father’s Day 2018

father son

Father’s Day 2018

father sonFinding the right gift can be complicated. You have to keep within a budget, think of what your dad loves and find something original year after year. Buying him daily essentials such as clothes, anything for hair grooming or gift cards is useful just overdone.

Gift Ideas

If he’s adventurous get him something you can go out and do together. Something like a hot air balloon ride, racing down some tracks in the wilderness with bikes or four-wheelers, or wild river rafting. Otherwise, consider getting him a book or movie so he can read or watch about other people’s experiences or learn something new about it.

Personalized gifts are also very special and if you have some time on your hands this is the way to go. This could be anything from an engraving, something written, or a craft. Pictures are worth a thousand words and there’s so much you can do with them. Perhaps a picture collage, a calendar for the home office or by posting one on a mug for his morning coffee. All a little reminder of the memories you’ve made together.

Last minute gifts are also something that come up but that shouldn’t be a worry. The best cure for this is by online shopping with 1-day shipping. If you know just what to get him a quick visit to any store is just as easy. When in doubt, visit the LCBO.

How to connect

Need some help bonding? There are some very simple ways to do so.

  • Spend some extra time together and make an effort
  • Find common ground and focus on the positive
  • Reach out, forgive and leave the past in the past

Have a very happy Father’s Day and tell him you love him, as always.

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