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Healthier Eating for Older Adults

Healthier Eating for Older Adults

Being physically active is important and beneficial to well being, but what you eat is a bigger concern, take care of yourself and eat a healthy diet. Make sure to get enough vitamins and minerals, lower your sodium intake and be sure to drink water every hour of the day.

When aging, fewer calories are needed, but more nutrients are required. Take a closer look at Canadas Food Guide and base your meals and snacks around it. Choosing different foods to eat may prevent diabetes, heart disease, strokes and numerous other ailments.

For adults over 50, the recommended portion of foods is essential each day:

  • Vegetables and fruits – 7 servings
  • Grain products – 6 servings (females) and 7 servings (males)
  • Milk and alternatives – 3 servings
  • Meat and alternatives – 2 servings (females) and 3 servings (males)

Some prime examples are beans, oats, apples, nuts, leafy greens, berries, and yogurt.  

If you’re running low on recipe ideas for your meals check out this website for 25 easy recipes for senior nutrition, where you’ll find a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Become a menu planner

When planning meals ahead of time it is easier to eat healthier, even on your busy days. This requires a few minutes once or twice a week to sit down and write a list, or google better meals for yourself, and the ones you share it with. This can help you save time throughout the week as well as money, the more often you do so, the easier it gets.

Interested in saving money on food?

To prevent overspending on groceries you do not need and avoid food from going to waste. A helpful idea is to check your cupboards, pantry, fridge and freezer to see what you already have in stock, and what needs to be used up first. This tip can provide you with ideas on what meals to make that day, and can also assist you in buying less while out shopping. Look at store flyers or download an app on your phone like Flipp, Reebee and SaleWhale to see which foods are on sale. Then plan your meals using the foods marked down that week.

For more details visit Eat Right Ontario or call about food and healthy eating at 1-(877)-510-5102 to speak to a Registered Dietitian. It is also a smart choice to purchase groceries when you don’t have an appetite. This technique prevents you from buying the things you don’t need.

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