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Make This Easter Unlike Any Other

Make This Easter Unlike Any Other

Yearly Easter memories last a lifetime, it is a great day to think of the past, plan something for family fun and welcome back the new season. There are several ideas you can introduce for this upcoming weekend.

Egg-cellent Activities

Dying and decorating Easter eggs is part of most family traditions. Although this activity can get repetitive, there are multiple new ways to create designs. Perhaps, think of a theme for your eggs. Dye the egg your favorite colour with food colouring, but use some paint to brush on some animals, funny faces, or flowers. Not all eggs need to be dyed. Buy a pack of sharpies to draw on some inventive designs, or even a white paint pen. You can also try to make some realistic looking eggs laid by birds. Some common birds to keep in mind are Robins, Magpies, or House Finches. Mocking a bird’s egg can be very decorative for your home as well.

Take a trip to your grocery store and arts store and get cracking.

More Games and Doings  

Host some fun competitions and play same Easter inspired games, with the whole family. Commonly hiding Easter eggs around the yard is great, but the weather cannot always be relied on. Play inside and hide matching cards, or letters in plastic eggs, and as a group form a sentence or quote. Entertain the grandkids with some Easter themed candy making and place them in a homemade and decorated basket. An egg and spoon race is always an exciting tip. Even head out of the home and visit the Easter bunny for some family photos. With a new photo, you can make popsicle stick picture frames, to paint, or attach stickers too.

Gather your family together and gather some eggs. Plan in advance, and have a couple ideas eager to test out this season. Have a happy Easter!

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