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Must-Try Restaurants in London, Ontario

mushroom pasta on a plate

Must-Try Restaurants in London, Ontario

mushroom pasta on a plateAre you a foodie, someone looking for a new place to eat at or wanting to find the perfect spot for a date night? In London Ontario there are several excellent eateries you shouldn’t miss out on. With farmer’s markets in the area, it’s a guarantee to be satisfied with fresh tastes from your plate to your belly.

Italian Cuisine

With a very relaxing atmosphere, Abruzzi on 119 King St offers daily features inspired by the Italian heritage. They take pride in their servings of fish, panini’s and the potato gnocchi in cream sauce is a popular choice. Bertoldi’s is a great area for Western University students. An ideal place to take your son, daughter or grandchild during the stress of studying. Their menu is consistent and they provide the classic dishes that are known and loved to be Italian, like spaghetti and meatballs. You’re always welcome at 650 Richmond St.

For Vegans

Toboggan is a restaurant located on 585 Richmond St with a large menu and options for vegans. Some of their major sellers happen to be the salads, tacos and wood-oven pizzas. Vegans can also visit the Root Cellar for fresh, organic and local foods. With new recipes, be sure to find this spot on 623 Dundas St.

Other Options

A bistro and wine bar can be discovered at Waldo’s On King for lots of fun, 130 King St. Sit down in a casual space and try the non-distinct cuisine style such as the beef tenderloin. If you’re up early, and craving some breakfast that you don’t have to make, The Morrissey House is an amazing location. With varied selections and generous portion sizes, food lovers create dishes from local products. You’ll find plenty to devour on the menu at 361 Dundas St for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Take out a few of your friends, enjoy a beverage with your meal and discover what’s out there in lovely London Ontario.

Bon appétit!

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