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Penthouse Pros

Penthouse Pros

If you’re not a fan of yard work or personally don’t care for the up keeping of the outdoors, but still take pleasure in it, living in a penthouse may be the right place for you.

You could be near a 300-acre green space and surrounded by parks in the Forest City.

940 On The Park provides two choices of Modern or traditional styles, amazing views and luxurious living.

The views aren’t the only great thing about this living situation. Additionally, a penthouse provides lots of natural light resulting in a bright space, air flow is fresher and fewer bugs and dust particles will be flying around at the upper level. Being on the top floors also increases your privacy.

Being so far of the ground is also beneficial for those who like the quiet. You’d be far above the busy streets and traffic noise, resulting in a living experience with more peace. This also keeps your room warmer in the winter. However, you would still be close enough to access the highways and shopping centres, it is even minutes from downtown.

Also offered are spacious rooms and faculties like an exercise area, library and movie room. Parking is also available in an underground lot.

Does a penthouse have enough pros to be a potential for your next home?

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