940 On The Park | Sundance Hot Air Balloon Rides in London Ontario
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Sundance Hot Air Balloon Rides in London Ontario

Sundance Hot Air Balloon Rides in London Ontario

Get a bird’s eye view out in London Ontario this summer. If you have wanted to float around in the sky but aren’t keen on roller coasters, bungee jumping or skydiving take the trip of a life time to feel like you’re flying an on top of the world, while you travel in a Sundance Balloon.

Witness the beauty of London’s numerous parks, city sights, fields and river views in a totally new perspective. Appreciate the fresh air in Southwest Ontario and discover the real reason it is known as the Forest City from May to October.

Soar high with two or three friends any day of the week. Prices start at $240.00 plus, per person. Costs also change depending on weekdays, evenings or if you plan to roam the clouds on a weekend.

On the day of your balloon flight the meeting location is on Forest City Church on 3725 Bostwick Rd off Southdale Rd W, just past Wonderland Rd to begin the journey. Park at the Northland Mall 1275 Highbury, London in the North end of the Walmart parking lot, located along Huron St.

You can be one of 30,000 passengers this year. Perhaps this is the gift your mother has been waiting for this May. This would be a lifetime memory.

For any questions about the hot air balloon rides, contact the office number at 519-473-6444 or by email at info@sundanceballoons.com  and test a different way to travel.

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