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The Satisfying Significance of Sleep

The Satisfying Significance of Sleep

It’s been said that the older you get, the less sleep you need at night. False! Sleep is important at any age, and a rest of 7 to 9 hours is still recommended.

Aging can be one reason when it comes to not getting the quality snooze you require. This is because of the change in sleeping patterns, such as being restless or waking up earlier in the morning. Older adults also get sleepier earlier in the evening. This has to do with your circadian rhythms. Basically, physical, mental and behavioral changes that follow a daily cycle based on light and darkness.  

Even though, these sleeping patterns can cause issues or just be annoying, it’s a normal process when aging. After all, a delightful doze is what keeps you healthy and makes for more active days. To make sure you get an enhanced sleep here are some things you can start or stop doing.

How to have a Better Sleep:

Soak in a warm bath prior to bedtime

This relaxing experience helps put you in a calm state of mind. It also drops your body temperature after taking a warm bath and it signals the brain, to make you feel sleepy. It’s always nice to have a drink in the bath, but limit the fluids you consume before bed. This will decrease the likelihood of getting out from underneath your blankets to use the restroom.

No to naps in the Afternoons

This causes you to stay more awake into the night. It may be challenging, but it will spare you a restless night. Also, only crawl into bed when you are feeling tired to save yourself from tossing and turning. If you remain awake after 20 minutes of trying, walk around for a bit of time.

Participating in Exercise

There are several options, if the weather is nice take a bike ride around the block. Just not three hours before you plan to get your rest, this will keep your mind awake.  

Sometimes, a new mattress is required or sleeping in a recliner for less pain when lying down flat for extra comfort. Good night and sweet dreams!

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