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Tree Trunk Tour

tree stump with heart

Tree Trunk Tour

tree stump with heartNow that it is fall, we think of the beauty of leaves changing on healthy trees. Although, some dead trees have been put in the hands of local artists to look beautiful as well. Mostly along Hamilton road there are dozens of carved trees to be astonished by.

The Development

This is a form of public art for anyone going on walks on the public streets, no art gallery needed. It also demonstrates the city’s love for trees. This process takes about a month to accomplish, starting from the concept drawing to the final carving touch ups. Detailed work is done with chisels but mostly chainsaws. The wood is either painted or stained and the last step is to protect it against the weather.

The Artists

Of course, it couldn’t have been done without some raw talent. There are six main sculptors who put in the real labour. Most artist were born in Canada and have worked with wood all their lives. Either building furniture as a carpenter or in construction building log homes. Some were inspired by someone else to begin wood carving, some started from an early age and have also been encouraged to write about their experiences.

The Locations

There is a total of 25 trees carved since 2006, mostly on Hamilton Road. You can find such creations like, the thinking Squirrel, Lion, the Gone Fishing and many others. With more to see in the area.

Special Thanks

The first five carvings were made possible with community support and with fundraising. They are involved with Tourism London, the City of London, Hamilton Road Business and STIHL manufacture hand help power equipment. Financial needs, equipment and clothing essentials have also been donated.

As most people know, London Ontario is known as the Forest City, and this is a way of enhancing its reputation with such naturistic elements delightful for the area. Take a peek at this short clip for an online journey.

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