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Staying Cool This Summer

Staying Cool This Summer

Springbank Park

With London’s largest park so close to home, it makes perfect sense to spend those hot, stuffy days outside under the shade of a towering tree, near the river. Don’t underestimate the power of a little water and a gentle breeze in cooling you down fast. It helps that you can enjoy the stunning scenery of the park itself while you relax and maybe take a nap.

East Park

With countless activities to do, East Park truly is London’s place to play! Featuring the all-important waterpark and indoor amusement park, there is plenty for all. If the wave pool or water slides aren’t your favourite way to cool down and relax, there is a lovely park to picnic and relax under, you guessed it, that ever-important shade. Prices vary according to passes and park-addons. 

Beat the Heat at the Beach

Looking for a daily escape to the beach? With Huron and Erie so close to London, it can be tough to choose which way to go. Here are some of the most-loved beach destinations in both lakes.

Port Dover on Lake Erie, with its shallow, sandy waters and palm trees swaying, you would be right to think you’ve been transported to more southern waters. Look to the quaint downtown shops and restaurants to turn your beach day into a full getaway experience. At a longer 1.5 hour drive away, it is one of the farther beaches to visit, but is certainly worth the trip

Port Stanley, also on Lake Erie, features the same shallow, warm and sandy waters typical of beaches on this lake. Also like other destinations, it features a quaint and charming downtown of boutiques and restaurants that would make anyone jealous of the year-round residents. Port Stanley’s Main Beach is actually one of only 27 beaches in Canada to have an official Blue Flag status for strict water quality and safety, so you can rest assured that your swim here will be one of the finest you’ll ever have. At only a 30 minute drive away, Port Stanley is a hop, skip, and a jump to some of the finest water-relaxation around

Grand Bend sits along the southern shores of Lake Huron. Known as the Blue Coast for its internationally acclaimed Blue Flag beaches and crystal-blue waters, the beaches of Lambton-Kent draw people from all over the world, not just Canada. Grand Bend is perhaps one of the most well-known beaches in Ontario, and gives visitors a taste of the kind of beach-going atmosphere of places like Daytona Beach or Myrtle Beach. The shops and restaurants here are world-class, and follow only slightly behind the incredible beach and water itself. An easy hours drive north-west of London, Grand Bend is a place you have to visit at least once.

Canatara Beach has the same blue waters and lovely sand beach as Grand Bend, but also invites a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere. Don’t mistake that quieter mood for lesser quality however, as Cantara Beach follows the same strict conditions of water quality and safety to be a part of the Blue Flag beaches. The same one hour drive directly west of London along the 402 to Sarnia will have you splashing in the water in no time. Don’t ignore this often-overlooked beach getaway. 

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